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Easter Baskets

Making Easter baskets for the kids?  Grandkids?  What are you giving the adults? How about Sister of Saidnaya?  All my readers have told me that they enjoyed reading the novel. I guarantee Sister of Saidnaya will last longer than the Easter baskets!


What has changed

In Sister of Saidnaya you can read and smile as you watch Nadra, the heroine, doing her bread dance.  She forms small loaves which Farid bakes then tosses to the laughing children.

Today weep as the warring factions in Syria slaughter families and starve children!

Sister of Saidnaya’s Seduction

Sister of Saidnaya  offers you the sights, sounds, and smells of an exotic world.  At mahrajans dancing women beckon men into the erotic circle as the rhythmic sounds of the darabuka ring out.  Responding to the seduction, the men insinuate themselves slowly but boldly into the erotic circle. When the dubkee begins, the dancers hop and stomp to the increasing beat as they wind around the room. Meanwhile the children laugh, devour the rosewater flavored sweets, and steal the Jordan almonds.

Past and Present

Growing up in a Syrian community I heard elders talk about the poverty, religious and political persecutions, and brutal military conscription that drove the first families to leave their motherland. I incorporated some of that early history in my novel Sister of Saidnaya. But little of that affected me until now, when I see bombed cities, homeless families, maimed children, and engineers building underground hospitals for heroic doctors.

Throughout Sister of Saidnaya I also described the happy times, especially the gracious hospitality and delicious food that characterizes Syrian people.  Now all that impales my heart when on the news I see the little girl in Ghouta saying “I want to die so I can have food.”